Well January Went By Fast

I didn’t intend to take an entire month off of writing, but life had other plans for me.  I was sick much of December and into early January, but after three rounds of different antibiotics I’m finally healthy.  However, my kiddos began to get sick. It wasn’t anything to serious, but it was just enough to keep me away from the computer.

The worst disease we faced was scarlet fever.  That sounds like an old Victorian or Edwardian disease that is super scary.  In our experience, and thanks to modern medicine it’s not too bad.  It’s just a strep infection that causes a rash on the body, turns the lips, tongues, and eyes a red.  It clears up fairly quickly with a round of antibiotics and really isn’t anything to be overly frightened of.  Here’s a link for further reading if you’re interested.

Now that everyone is on the mend and healthy, I should begin to resume writing a bit more often.