Happy Advent

This past Sunday was the start of the Advent season.  What is Advent?  It is the time of preparation for the coming of Christ into the world.  It is a looking back to that day when he was born as a helpless child as well as looking forward to that day when he will return to the earth.   We must remember that it is not the Christmas season yet.  I like to think of Advent as that time of “nesting” that a family goes through before the arrival of their child.  During this time we clean our house, prepare a bunch of freezer meals, finish putting together the baby’s new room, or whatever it is that needs to be done before the baby arrives.  It is after the child is born that we truly celebrate this new life.

The Christmas season begins on December 25th, with the twelve days of Christmas beginning Christmas morning and concluding on January 6th, the day attributed to the arrival of the three wise men (also known as Three Kings Day and in some cultures this is the traditional day of giving presents). It isn’t until January 12th with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord that the Christmas season finally draws to a close.


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