7 Quick Takes (Vol 3)

— 1 —

There is nothing “quick” about writing a Quick Takes.  That is unless i were to write seven random words.

— 2 —

As you can tell from the title of this blog, I am Catholic.  This does not mean that I don’t struggle with particular teachings of the Church.  I started off having difficulties with a lot of her teachings before I returned to the Catholic Church and I still have a few today.

Does that mean I have just resigned myself to the fact that I will always disagree without trying to understand? No. I have done a lot of self educating by reading (books, the catechism, etc) and listening to Church leaders, most of them laity (a lay person is someone who is not ordained or consecrated to religious life).  And still there are particular teachings that I don’t fully understand, grasp, and/or have a difficult time accepting. I do however trust that Mother Church will not lead me astray and I will find an answer to all of my questions.

— 3 —

When you sign a contract to work for someone, and you break the contract don’t be surprised if you lose your job. You know what you signed and agreed to. If you didn’t agree with the terms and conditions of said contract,then you never should have signed it.

— 4 —

— 5 —

As I’ve mentioned before, I love Doctor Who.  It’s an awesome show that turns 50 years old this October. The key to it’s longevity has been how it replaces the actor who plays the lead character. Tomorrow the BBC will officially announce who will be the 12th person to fill the very large shoes of the Doctor. If you’re interested it’s  going to be broadcast live from the UK, and will air on BBCA at 2pm EDT.

— 6 —

GISHWHES is coming!!!!!!  This will be my first year participating and I’m super excited. Let the antics begin!

— 7 —

Mike and I are dropping our munchkins off for another Parent Survival night at The Little Gym.  I so love this place – as do our children. The only problem: What will Mike and I do for four hours?

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