7 Quick Takes (Vol 2)

— 1 —

Knee rehab update:  The range of motion in my knee is almost back to normal; the pt said that they consider “normal” to be around 140°-145°.  While moving my leg on my own I’m at 118°.  Now I just have to work on getting my strength back up so I can start going to Zumba again.

— 2 —

So this happened:


My camera doesn’t pick up purple very well so imagine the colour is a vibrant purple.  It took a few days to get used to it, but I have been enjoying it.  It’s fun to add a bit of colour now and then.

— 3 —

Last week I said that I was going to read  Lumen Fidei this past week.  So I have a bit of a confession.  I haven’t finished reading it, but I am in the process of reading it.  Granted I would be a lot further if I had printed it off before this morning.  So far I’ve read the first chapter and it is definitely something everyone should read.  I’ll share a few of my favourite quotes from it after I’ve digested what I’ve read.

— 4 —

With Mike back at work and my Mother-in-law back in Florida, this past week has been my first week back to full-time mom status.  And boy was it a tough week.  My knee isn’t back to 100% or even 75%, but my kids don’t get that.  They are your typical rambunctious 3 and 5 year olds who have enough energy to play from sun up to sun down without taking a break.  Yet, I am not able to chase after them. So unless we go to the tiny park at our Church that is fenced in, they are stuck indoors. It’s times like these I wish we had a fenced in back yard.  Also, this has been “let’s test mom” week.  This has to be my least favourite game to play, and they aren’t fans either.  One day they will learn that Mom always wins this game.

— 5 —

The munchkins don’t know this yet, but they are going to get to see Thomas the Tank Engine tomorrow.  My husband set this up months ago and we know that our kids will be excited, well at least the boy will be.

— 6 —

I never thought coming up with seven little snippets a week would be such hard work.  The only little thing I have is this:  I wish I were able to be at San Diego Comic Con!!!   But alas, I am not.  One of these years we will be brave and take the munchkins to Dragon*Con in Hotlanta and introduce them to the awesomeness!  In the meantime I will be over here dreaming up a costume to wear.  **Insert maniacal laugh**

— 7 —

It’s late and I’ve got nothing.

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