13 Days Post Operation

Two days ago I noticed that I posted an entry here about my operation.  Funny, I don’t recall writing that.  Let’s just say the pain meds the doctor had me on were super strong and I don’t remember much of that first week.

I’m only using my crutches when I’m out and about to help stabilize and prevent me from toppling over if my leg decides it no longer wants to hold my weight.  I am getting around okay even though I feel as if I must look like Igor when I’m not using my crutches.


As for the meds, I’m no long taking the oxycodone/percocets that the doctor prescribed.  I’m solely on Ibuprofen, Tylenol, and a daily aspirin.  I’m glad to not be on the narcotics anymore. I’m no longer falling asleep at the drop of a hat and I can actually remember what is going on around me.

My adventures in physical therapy will begin on Wednesday.  Here’s to hoping that I can be as good as new (if not better) by the end of summer.


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