Quick Entry & Update

No, I haven’t dropped off the blogosphere.  Let’s see…since coming completely off the Zoloft I’ve been feeling so much better.  However, I still have the very occasional head swoosh.

That being said, I had arthroscopic knee surgery yesterday. They went in to get my knee cap to start gliding in the notch God intended it to and not sit and grind on the bone it had been. They accomplished this by performing a lateral release; they also cleaned up any worn and torn cartilage.

So now I’m bed bound for another day.  Which is probably a good thing because the meds they gave me for the pain are making me wonder if I am secretly suffering from narcolepsy.  With that said, during my waking hours I hope to be able to type up the entry I wrote this morning, finish up the entry on our Blessed Mother, as well as another one that I’m almost finished with.

*YAWN*  Back to sleep and then to work on posting the rest.


We adore you O’ Christ and we praise you. Because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world.


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