Operation Stop Zoloft: Week 2

During week 2, I had dropped down to 50mg of Zoloft.  I’m down 50% of where I was just two weeks ago!!  As for side effects…  heh.  Week two began wonderfully.  No headaches and no other symptoms, and then Thursday rolled in.  Since then I’ve experienced brain shivers/zaps or whatever you want to call them (read a bit more about them here), as well as a lovely case of vertigo when I stand up and move around.  It has not decreased and on Mother’s Day, I learned that alcohol makes both of these symptoms a tad worse.

Not everything has been miserable.  At the same time I’ve been happy – an emotion that I haven’t really felt in years.  That alone tells me that I am doing the right thing.

Now I’m going to go lay down and hope that I can convince my body that I am not spinning around and around and around.


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