Habemus Papam!!

Viva il Papa Francesco!!!

Today the college of Cardinals selected a new Pope to guide Christ’s Church.  I might be thousands of miles away from Rome, but what I felt at the announcement that a new Pope was chosen must  have been akin to the emotions of everyone in St. Peter’s Square. I was getting MRIs done of my knees during the evening papal votes and I checked my phone as soon as I was done to find that a new Pope had been selected.  It was on my drive home that Pope Francis was announced and came out to speak. Awesome moment in history.

Not only is he the first Pope from the “New World,” he is also the first Jesuit and the first to choose the name Francis. To quote Abed from Community, “Cool, cool.”

Before and during this Papal election I had ideas of who I would love to see as Pope, but I was completely aware of my limited knowledge of all the Cardinals. Due to that I didn’t want to speculate as to who would be selected. I’m just excited to see what lies ahead for Christ’s Bride (ie- the Universal Church the Catholic Church).


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