Children at Mass – Revisited

I thought that perhaps I should revisit this issue from a few weeks ago and give an update about what has transpired since then.

Our meeting with Father went very well.  He was completely supportive of us and let us know that the children in Mass do not bother him one bit. He also said this isn’t the first time that someone has used his name in a comment when he said nothing on the matter. I have no idea why someone would think that saying something like that wouldn’t get back to the supposed source. Us moms decided that we would just move over to the next section of pews at our parish so that we wouldn’t be a distraction to the choir. Being a distraction was the only reason we could think of that might have caused them to say what they did. I’m thankful for having great friends who aren’t as stubborn and bull-headed as I am because if it weren’t for them I would still be sitting right next to the choir.

Since we’ve moved we have received complements from the surrounded parishioners that our children are well-behaved and that we’ve done a good job as parents. This was exactly what we needed to hear.

That very same day, I received a call from the Parish office that they had approved my proposal to start a mom’s group. I’m over the moon!!  This is something our parish has had need of for a very long time and with the increased growth of our younger families it is even more important now.  We just need to pick a start date and finalize a few other loose ends.


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