Busy Busy Busy

Life has been a bit hectic over here, much of it due to my favourite pastime – procrastination.  School started up last week for my little girl. It’s hard to believe that she’s in Pre-K now. Wasn’t she just born a few months ago??  Sheesh.

Sasha heading off to Pre-K

MOPS is getting ready to start up again and I’ve been working on a few projects for our first meeting. I still have a bit more to do before Wednesday of this week.  MUST. STOP. PROCRASTINATING.  Heh, but that’s really what I’m kind of doing right now while typing this.

The past two Sundays before Mass I’ve been attending an Into to Apologetics workshop at my parish. It’s been really good and I’m glad that I have been able to add some supplemental information from all the studying I’ve been doing these past three years. We have two more weeks of this workshop and then the RCIA program will get started up again. I’m so looking forward to that! I was asked last year if I could eventually help the instructor teach the course and possibly do an intro course in the next year or so for those entering the Church from either a non-religious or non-Christian background. It is always inspiring to see new people come into the Church as well as those who are returning!

And I’m also one step closer to getting an evening Bible Study group started.  I’m super excited about this project. I’ve been asked by several young mums as well as those in last year’s RCIA class to get a Bible Study going at the parish. I didn’t even know until a few weeks ago that there is one on Friday morning, and no one I’ve talked to at the parish (except the office secretary) knew that it existed.  I just need to finish crossing all my t’s and dotting all my i’s and then it will be up and running.

Okay, enough procrastinating.  Have a blessed day!!


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