Discerning My Lay Vocation

I’ve always been fascinated with religion. What people believe, why they believe it, how and where they worship, etc. Perhaps this is why I found myself studying and receiving a degree in Anthropology while in university. I was a few classes shy of having my emphasis be Cultural Anthropology (studying living humans and their culture), but ultimately my emphasis was in Archaeology (studying dead humans and their culture). Why archaeology? Because I have a love of history (hence my minor) and I tend to enjoy the company of the dead to the living. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but only just.

I had hoped to continue on with my education and receive my Ph.D in Archaeology and teach at the University level, but life happened. I married right before my last year at university. A few years later I was divorced and had that marriage annulled – more on that later. Shortly after that I moved to Tallahassee, Florida in the hopes of enrolling at FSU to work on my Masters. The school that I really wanted to attend was too close to my ex and yeah more on that later. Unfortunately I didn’t have a job that paid enough for me to even be able to afford my modest apartment. (Thank-you Mom and Dad for helping me make ends meet!!  I love you guys!!)

While living in Florida my best friend asked me to marry him and of course I said “Yes!!!” (Once again, that is a story for another time) Shortly after we were engaged he accepted a job with Boeing and we moved to the other side of the country a week after we were wed. We’ve been here for six wonderful years and we’ve been blessed with two very rambunctious children.

The dream of going back to school has not died. If money were no obstacle I would be working towards earning a Masters in Theology. Since money is an obstacle I am trying to educate myself by reading books on theology, writings by the early Church fathers, etc.

My love of learning has never lapsed nor has my fascination with religion. During the past four years, I have come to an increased understanding, appreciation, a great love for God, Christ and the Church He established. Last year I told my husband that it was a good thing that I knew I was called to married life because my love and faith is so great that I would, if single, “run off and join a convent.”

I know that I’m called to do something more. What I’m still not exactly sure. So here I sit trying to figure it all out. It is on my heart to go back to school; I also feel a need to write – hence why I am here blogging on this bloggity blog blog. However, I don’t know if I’m to work on a novel, a Bible Study, apologetics, a piece of non-fiction, or just this blog.

Until the time that either A.) I figure it out and/or B.) it becomes financially feasible for me to return to school….I’ll be here.



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