My Restless Mind

There are times that I find it difficult to concentrate because my brain is busy firing off a ton of different ideas all at once: things to write about, what books I want to read next, what chores I need to be doing, how and what I want to do to decorate my house, pretend conversations with people, crafts I want to do with the kids, what’s going to happen later that day/week/month, so on and so forth. At times (more often than not) I can get so overwhelmed by everything going on inside my head that I find it terribly difficult to get anything done. I feel pulled in so many directions by everything I want and/or should do, and disappointed when I don’t finish them.

There are a few things that help calm my mind but only one that I’ve found that seems to shut off a lot of the crazies going on in my mind. What is this one thing? Video games. Sadly, this really isn’t the best option for me because I can become so engrossed in the game that hours will pass by before I am aware of how much time has passed. I only allow myself to delve into any sort of game when my children are asleep at either nap time or bedtime; the problem comes in with me not getting off of them as quickly as I should. It’s become worse lately, and I know that I’m going to have to fix that.

One thing I’m going to try to see if it helps is to carry pen and paper with me wherever I go. My hope is that by doing this simple thing that not only will I be able to quell the restlessness of my mind but I’ll also start putting all my writing ideas down on paper. And who knows I might actually write that novel I’ve always wanted to write.


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