Fun on Vacation

So here we are in sticky, sunny, mosquito infested Florida. We’ve had lots of fun and excitement so far, and it all started while on the plane.

The one thing that I did not want to happen while on stuck on a plane did happen, of course. Owen decided to unload a very hot and stinky surprise in his diaper, and the cleanup in the tiny little airplane latrine was, simply put, unpleasant.  I had to clean him off while he was standing up, which was a challenge by itself. Now imagine the plane hitting a bit of turbulence and us bouncing around in there while trying to get him all cleaned up. Good times!

While at Grandma’s house Owen and his big sister were running up and down the hallway and Owen just couldn’t stop his short little legs in time and ran headlong into a doorknob. A beautiful knot ensued. Later that afternoon, Owen and his big sister were once again playing, this time on Grandma’s bed. Owen hit his forehead on Grandma’s headboard and a huge knot sprung up next to the smaller one left by the doorknob. Grandma freaked out and started crying. Owen screamed and was only consoled with nursing. And after a trip the hospital’s urgent care, everyone’s worries (mostly Grandma’s) were put to rest.

Owen at the urgent care.
The mosquitoes are eating me alive. Within the first 36 hours of getting to Grandma’s house I had seven bites. The only relief I had was when we drove down to Panama City for one night, but within three hours of getting back to her place I had three more bites.  GRRRRRRRRRR!!   How many bites does my husband have? ZERO.  How many does Grandma have? Zero How many do my children have? ZERO. I’m the best mosquito repellent out there; if only I could keep them away from myself.

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