Return to Rome

I wasn’t always so keen on all of the teachings of Catholicism, and looking back I can honestly say that it was due to poor catechesis. This is evident in how easy it was for me to walk away from Christianity all together when I was 15. Where did I go? I entered the world of the New Age movement and I began to study different belief systems: Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism, Celtic/Druidic Paganism, Stregheria, Zoroastrianism, Scientology, Buddhism, etc. There was even a time when I was agnostic bordering on atheistic. But mostly I stayed in the realm of paganism and witchcraft.

While I was studying all of these different beliefs I began to wonder, “Self, what if all of these religions are all worshiping the same God, but none of them have it quite right? What if their religions all began as worship of the one true God, but they could only grasp the truth to the extent in which it was given to them? That they just haven’t received the whole big picture and can only understand those things that have been shown to them based on what they know about the world around them.”

I will honestly say that I’m not entirely sure how and why I came back to Christianity. There wasn’t one thing, but a lot of little things. There was never a question about which denomination of Christianity I would go back to. Being a person who has a great love of science and history there was only one choice. The Roman Catholic Church. Even when I was away from the Church, I remember thinking that if I were to ever return to Christianity I would be Catholic.

During the Easter Vigil Mass on March 26, 2005 I finally received the Sacrament of Confirmation. Yet, even then I wasn’t 100% on board with Church teaching. It wouldn’t be until a few years later and after much personal study (brought on due to attending Bible study at an Evangelical church) that I became on fire for the Truth and for my faith.


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